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About The Digital and New Technologies Course

The Digital and New Technologies course is designed to upskill current practitioners within the Creative Industry Sectors in three main areas:

1.     Introduction to Creative Media

2.     Digital Art and Design

3.     Digital Marketing

The three modules within this course will allow participants to develop and enhance their skills to promote and market their practice by using professional software to create their own promotional material and use digital marketing services to market their skills and experience.


Workshops are a series of complete short courses delivered through videos and screencasts. Each video can be downloaded and watched at your leisure. Other support materials such as handouts are also provided to allow you to particpate. Deatils of the available workshops are below.

Creating A Social Media Marketing Strategy

This workshop provides advice on setting up and managing a social media strategy to promote businesses and services.

Using Adobe Photoshop to manipulate images

This workshop contains a series of video demonstrations on using Adobe Photoshop to manipulate images