This workshop provides advice on setting up and managing a social media strategy to promote businesses and services. It includes advice on using the right platforms, gaining new leads, creating suitable content and using tools to manage your social media.

The videos below can be downloaded and are in MP4 format, suitable for any media player. The videos are in order and can be viewed at your leisure. PDF files of the presentations can also be downloaded in compressed format (zip file).

LS-DNT-3.1.1.f – Developing an online marketing strategy

LS-DNT-3.1.1.f.1 – Developing leads and networking

LS-DNT-3.2.1.a – An overview of Social Media Platforms

LS-DNT-3.2.1.b – Using social media effectively

LS-DNT-3.2.1.c – Creating social media accounts and using branding

LS-DNT-3.2.1.d – Overview on using analytic processes for social media

LS-DNT-3.2.1.e – Creating content for social media

LS-DNT-3.2.1.f – Crafting a social media plan

LS-DNT-3.2.1.g – Using social media management tools

Creating A Social Media Marketing Strategy Presentation PDFs